Program developed for those living with pain

Pennsylvania residents who have been injured at work often find themselves living with daily pain as a result of their injury. A program has been developed and is currently being piloted in an attempt to aid these long-term and high-cost workers' compensation claimants. Candidate for the Maze-Masters program must show a commitment to the program in addition to being qualified.

Injuries at work often result in long-term pain. Back and neck injuries can be especially painful, and it can be a challenge to learn to deal with the effects of the injury. Many people find it difficult to cope with the restrictions that their injury puts on them and then find themselves in a difficult emotional situation. The techniques of the program are designed to get relief from pain symptoms, cope with the affects of the injuries on everyday life and work toward a future that both copes with and overcomes the injuries and their lasting effects.

The program is non-medical, though the founder is a physician. It is based on self-help in order to supplement the traditional medical care, and is designed to not be in conflict with any medical treatments. Candidates are not promised that their pain will be completely erased, nor are they promised success in the program. However, they are told that relief from their pain is possible and that the program will help them to create the best out of their circumstances.

People who are injured at work may find that speaking with an experiences workers' compensation attorney can present various options, not only for legal compensation but also for resources like this program.

Source: Risk and Insurance, "Program teaches long-term claimants to transform their lives despite the pain," Nov. 26, 2012

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