Protection from OSHA

Many employees in Pennsylvania know how much of a problem it can be if you are injured at work. Not only is there the matter of reporting your injury and the hazard that caused it, but you then have to contend with the injury itself and the time it takes to recover. This can also mean hefty medical bills, a loss of wages and the possibility of a long-term disability.

It is not always possible to avoid injury at work. Accidents can happen no matter how careful you are or how many security provisions are in place. However, there are certain standards in place that are designed to protect you and it is helpful to know what these are in order to determine if your rights have been breached.

Among other things, your employer is obliged to provide a safe workplace, to set out the health and safety standards clearly and to have the hazard communication plans written up. If any of these requirements are not met, you could be in danger of being injured at work.

Furthermore, as this article on workplace safety explains, if you notice that something in your place of work is not in compliance with the standards set out by organizations like OSHA, you have the right to report it. You can also request an inspection from the area director for OSHA if you feel there is a hazard that needs to be addressed.

It is a lot to take in and when you are recovering from an injury, legal proceedings may be the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, there is support available. An attorney can explain your rights and may be able to assist you with your claim.

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