Report construction injuries as soon as possible

Most workers in Pennsylvania are aware of many of the potential hazards of their job, particularly if they work in an industry like construction. No matter how skilled or diligent you are, accidents can still happen and the consequences can often be severe. You may be left with serious injuries that not only may hinder your return to work, but could also cause you to accumulate costly medical bills.

In general, your employer is obliged to provide adequate training and safety equipment to protect you from the hazards of your job. They may also be obliged to pay workers' compensation if you acquire an injury at work. However, if safety regulations have been breached by your employer or contractor, this could allow you to make a personal injury claim.

As this article on Construction Accidents explains, it is important to report any such injury as soon as possible. In general you will need to go to either your employer or the manager of the site. It is also vital to seek medical attention, both for the sake of your health and so you have a record of the extent of the damage caused by the accident.

Where possible, it can also be helpful to collect the details of any witnesses of the accident and to keep any other relevant evidence such as photographs of the scene. Once you have done all this, you may be able to make a workers' compensation claim. An attorney can advise you about your options and might be able to support you in seeking the remuneration you deserve for your injuries.

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