Work Related Injury: Equipment Malfunctions

A Pittsburgh-area construction worker was lucky to be alive after losing control of an asphalt steam roller truck and being run over by the machine. Police said that he was able to be freed from beneath the roller in the construction site accident and was airlifted to an area hospital for treatment. Officials believed that the mishap was caused by a hydraulic hose breaking on the roller, which sent the machine jerking forward.

The worker reportedly tried to pull the steam roller off the road, but as he did, the machine tipped over and threw the man onto his stomach. The truck then rolled over him and trapped him beneath it. Doctors were called to the scene and were able to get the worker free of the roller. He was taken to a hospital for severe head trauma and blood loss. Authorities said that he was in critical condition and going to have surgery.

A steam roller, also known as a tandem roller, is comprised of two heavy but unequally sized steel rollers attached to a chassis. It is used to create a smooth surface on asphalt or blacktop before the material cools and hardens, at which point it is no longer pliable. The rollers are often cooled by water, which creates the namesake steam as it prevents sticking to the hot asphalt beneath.

Workplaces accidents in Pittsburgh can turn individuals' lives upside-down. Those affected by an accident on the job due to unsafe working conditions may find an attorney helpful. A lawyer who is experienced in OSHA investigations and litigation following an industrial accident may be able to help arrange financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

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