Rules to collect partial workers' compensation

Most people believe that workers' compensation is only available if you suffer serious injuries that prevent you from working. That is not true. You are entitled to receive workers' compensation for any injury incurred on the job, including ones that allow you to keep working. This post will go over workers' compensation and how it is affected by working part-time.

You may receive workers' compensation for two primary reasons: medical expenses and wage loss benefits. If you are incurring medical bills to treat your injury, then you are either entitled to reimbursement or the insurance company will pay your medical bills directly.

Second, you have a right to wage replacement benefits if your pre-injury wage is affected in any way by your injury. For example, if you missed work for a few days or weeks, you will receive compensation for your lost time. Additionally, if you can continue to work but in a reduced or alternative capacity, you may receive compensation for the reduction in your wages ? until your regular position is restored to you.

Bear in mind that the rules for part-time workers' compensation vary from state to state and industry to industry. You may want to speak with a lawyer for more specific information.

Were you involved in a workplace accident? If so, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney. As illustrated above, even if your injuries allow you to continue working part-time you are still entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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