Safety tips to avoid Zika virus exposure

To date, there is no vaccine to prevent Zika nor is there a specific treatment to address the infection. In short, the option is to avoid infection altogether. If you are working in a job that has you outside in a Zika-affected area then here are a few tips to protect yourself on the job.

You should use insect repellent on all exposed skin. When possible, wear clothing that covers your arms, legs, and other typically, exposed skin. Inform your employer of standing water sources to ensure that they are promptly drained. Zika is spread by mosquitoes which congregate around still water sources.

Another good tip is to wear a hat with netting that covers your neck and face. Don't forget that there is often a break between your shoes and pants, so wearing tall socks are another good choice.

If you choose to utilize insect repellent, make sure that it contains an EPA-registered active ingredient. You want to ensure that the insect repellent you are using will protect you. Moreover, some studies found that repellents using DEET or picaridin last longer than other products, for instance, oil of lemon eucalyptus.

While the full effects of Zika virus are unknown, you should still continue to protect yourself. For certain jobs, a Zika virus infection while on the job could constitute a valid workers' compensation claim due to a Workplace Illness. An experienced lawyer can go over the requirements for workers' compensation to ensure that you are filing a valid claim.


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