Scaffolding collapse injures 5 roofers in a Pennsylvania township

On June 16, an apparent scaffolding collapse injured five people in East Deer Township, according to authorities. The construction accident took place on Treadway Lane at a warehouse about 9:30 a.m. According to the vice president of the company that owns the warehouse, part of the scaffolding collapsed while the workers were replacing the roof, causing them to fall around 20 feet.

An official from OSHA is investigating the cause of the collapse, according to a local news outlet. Two of the injured workers were transported to local hospitals by separate helicopters. Several ambulances were also dispatched to the accident scene, but one source suggests that the workers were in stable condition.

Roofing and construction companies are required to provide safety equipment, training and a safe working environment for their employees. In some cases, workplace accidents take place even though the employer has followed OSHA guidelines and has provided a safe working environment. An injured employee may still be entitled to workers' compensation, even when an employer is not responsible for the workplace accident.

If an injured employee accepts an employers' offer of workers' compensation, he or she will be prohibited from seeking additional compensation by way of a personal injury lawsuit. A lawyer with a background in workers' compensation cases might review a plaintiff's case to determine which kind of compensation is appropriate for the circumstances.

In either situation, the insurance adjuster or legal counsel for the employer may try and pressure the plaintiff into accepting a small settlement. A lawyer may have experience with the tactics used by insurance adjusters or other company representatives and might handle communications with them on the plaintiff's behalf. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached after the negotiation and appeals process, the case may be litigated in civil court.

Source: WPXI, "5 injured in apparent scaffolding collapse", June 16, 2014

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