Search underway for worker's body following construction accident

Many people in Pennsylvania are highly skilled at the jobs they are tasked to perform. Unfortunately, unexpected conditions can often leave workers facing unsafe incidents, regardless of their level of expertise. Unfortunately, a construction accident at an international airport in another state has resulted in a mission to recover a worker's body.

The incident happened one morning on a day in May. According to reports, the missing worker was operating a drill-rig and had just completed excavating a hole. He had reportedly been moving the drill when it collapsed into the hole. Workers worked for approximately 12 hours on the day of the accident to clear the rig. Though they had to stop work because of safety concerns, they were able to move it the next day with the help of a crane.

However, the search for the operator continues. Because of the amount of time that collapsed, the mission shifted to a goal of recovery of the man's body. The hole, which is now 12-feet deep, filled with dirt following the collapse; officials believe that the man's body may be as deep as 30 feet.

Unfortunately, the family of the deceased man is now going through an unthinkable experience as a result of the construction accident. In addition to their grief, many in Pennsylvania who have been in a similar situation also find themselves struggling as a result of the financial complications created by an unexpected loss. While workers' compensation insurance benefits may offset many of these complications, those grieving often feel unprepared from the process, which can sometimes be complicated. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help them throughout.

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