Serious head injury results from industrial accident

An Ohio man sustained a serious head injury at his worksite while he was there, off-duty, to pick up his paycheck. The block and brick plant uses a series of rollers to move their product out of the building. The young man, aged 25, was injured when a stacked load of cinderblocks was rolled out of the break in the wall and his head became wedged in between. Industrial Accidents like this one can happen in the blink of an eye, but have lasting and serious consequences.

According to police, there is not yet a known reason why the man was attempting to enter the building through the wall break, or if he was just attempting to speak to his friend who was operating the blocks on the rollers. One employee, who has worked at the site for over 30 years, said he has never seen anything like this incident.

There are many unknown variables in this event, but the result is the same. A man was serious injured, possibly sustaining brain injuries that will affect the rest of his life, in connection with his work site. Could his friend who was operating the machine have become distracted, resulting in the accident? The victim had only worked there for two weeks -- could he have been unaware of the risk he was taking? Should a site foreman have been more aware of the victim's presence on the site and kept a better eye on him?

People who are injured on industrial or construction sites like this one may not know where to turn for legal assistance, and may not know that they can seek financial compensation for their injuries. Medical costs for treatment, paired with the inability to work, can put families in dire financial straits. Speaking with an attorney who is experienced in representing injured employees can present victims and their families with options they may not have been aware of.

Source: The Springfield News-Sun, "Man sustains serious head injury in industrial accident," Mark McGregor, Oct. 5, 2012

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