Severed hydraulic line factor in fatal workplace accident

All workplaces in Pennsylvania and across the country hold risks for workers regardless of the type of employment. In many cases, employers and workers are aware of certain risks and take certain precautions to protect themselves and others. Unfortunately, a fatal workplace accident can stem from unexpected hazards, making it difficult for employees to anticipate them.

Unfortunately, it appears that such might be the case following a fatal accident in a neighboring state. According to reports, a 27-year-old man was working at a Ben Weitsman scrap metal yard on a Saturday in late May. Rescue workers received a call about a man pinned under a bucket loader.

Officials now believe that the victim was trying to move a piece of metal that was stuck between a tire and the bucket. An investigation reportedly reveals that a hydraulic line was severed in the process. As a result, the bucket fell on the man, pinning him. He died at the scene of the accident.

Despite the many safety measures that are in place in workplaces in Pennsylvania and across the country, a fatal workplace accident such as this can still occur. Unfortunately, a family is now coping with the loss of their loved one. Because such a loss can create unexpected financial burdens, states require that employers provide workers' compensation insurance coverage that can compensate families for funeral expenses and lost wages. An attorney with experience with this process can walk grieving families through the process, helping them seek a settlement that is fair and will meet their financial needs.

Source:, "Man killed in industrial accident at Albany scrap metal facility identified", May 27, 2018

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