Some safety tips on using nail guns

Most every construction worker is familiar with nail guns. There are dozens of varieties but they all essentially use a mechanism to quickly shoot nails into various surfaces. They are easy to use, convenient and radically increase efficiency. Unfortunately, all of that ease comes at a price; nail guns are powerful and, when defective, can cause serious injuries. This article will go over the dangers and a few safety tips.

Nail guns are responsible for about 37,000 emergency room visits a year. These injuries result in a variety of ways, including:


  • Nail ricochets off of hard surfaces.
  • Penetration through soft surfaces.
  • Unintended discharges from misuse or defective equipment.
  • Awkward body or nail position while working.
  • Bypassing or disabling safety systems.

It is possible to avoid these injuries. For example, your employer could utilize full sequential trigger nail guns, which can result in fewer injuries than when contact trigger nail guns are used. Greater training on proper use, so you don't bypass safety systems or use the nail gun at a weird angle, can also help. Moreover, your employer should invest in proper safety equipment like helmets, safety glasses and other gear. Finally, the best guard against injuries is prompt and efficient first aid response. Occasional classes on basic first aid can make a huge difference toward your safety and the safety of your co-workers.


If you were injured while using a nail gun on the job, then you may want to speak to a lawyer; you could have a valid claim for workers' compensation. Luckily, workers' compensation covers your injuries regardless of fault, so it does not matter if you misused the nail gun or it was defective, you are entitled to assistance. An attorney can help you get to work on filing your claim.

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