Specialty Trade Contractors Are at Higher Risk for Injury & Illness

In Pennsylvania, specialty trade contractors make up more than half of the reported construction worker injuries and illnesses. Of the 9,906 worker’s claims made from construction injuries in Pennsylvania in 2019, 55.9% were by specialty trade contractors, up from 54.2% in 2018. The claims include those made by contractors for building foundation and exteriors, equipment, and building finishing, among other specialty trade areas. Specialty contractors for building equipment have the greatest risk for injury, accounting for 45.6% of claims.

Sprains and strains and cuts, lacerations, and punctures wounds make up more than half of specialty trade contractor injuries. Sprains and strains account for 34.3% of specialty trade contractor injuries Pennsylvania. Cuts, lacerations, and puncture wounds account for 22.6%. Other common injuries include contusions and fractures. 

Specialty trade contractor injuries can affect many areas of the body, with some incidents involving multiple injuries and faculties affected. Injuries to the upper extremities account for almost two fifths of incidents, while about a quarter involve lower extremities. 17.4% of injuries are to the trunk and torso, and head and neck injuries, which can lead to expensive complications such as concussions, make up 14.9%. The most common cause for specialty trade contractor injuries is overexertion (22.7%), followed closely by being struck by an object (19.5%). Other common causes include being struck against an object, reactions to materials, and falling.

Construction injuries can be expensive, including medical expenses, hospital stays, and days and wages lost from work. Injuries can come in many forms, and the greater the severity, the greater the expense. Construction workers and specialty trade contractors are covered by laws in Pennsylvania and are eligible for worker’s compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured while working in specialty care construction, Dugan & Associates worker’s compensation lawyers will work to pursue fair and just compensation for loss of earnings, damages, and medical expenses. Contact us today online or by telephone at 412-353-3572 to speak with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania construction site accident lawyer to get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

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