SSDI benefits application now available online

While many people who suffer from a disability may know that Social Security disability insurance benefits could help them, actually securing the benefits can be challenging. As with other applications, the process can take a while and requires submitting various pieces of information. Recent changes by the Social Security Administration aim to make the application process easier for people trying to receive benefits.

Many people applying for SSDI may have a difficult time getting around. For some people, a disability may make leaving the house nearly impossible. The SSA seems to understand these challenges. People who may have a hard time getting to a Social Security office can now complete the application online from the comfort of their home.

It can take the SSA three to five months to process an application and determine whether a person qualifies for SSDI benefits. Some people with very disabling conditions may not have this much time to wait to receive benefits. Two systems make the application process faster for people with very serious disabilities.

Compassionate Allowances enable people with one of 165 conditions on a list maintained by the SSA to have their application process expedited. In addition, a computer system called Quick Disability Initiatives detects people with very severe disabilities and pulls out their applications to process them sooner.

Managing a disability that makes it difficult to work or go to a Social Security office is likely challenging and oftentimes, frustrating. With applications now available online, this process may be easier for some. However, many applications are denied. An applicant who is denied benefits may feel like bills will never get paid. Seeking guidance from a legal professional while appealing a denied claim may help a person secure benefits.

Source: The Palm Beach Post, "Online service helps people with disabilities seek benefits," Maria Diaz, Oct. 4, 2012

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