Worker News Pittsburgh: A Strip District Development

Worker News Pittsburgh - The Strip District

A new development is planned across the street from St. Stanislaus Church in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. This development promises office space and street-level retail space.

According to KDKA, the planned 420,000 square-foot office building will be built on the site currently occupied by Tom Ayoob Wholesale, Acme Banana, and Benkovitz Seafood. The new building is set to be dubbed “The Brickworks,” a nod to a former Pittsburgh company that used to make bricks on this site.

The developers told KDKA that they recognize the beauty and historical significance of St. Stanislaus Church, so they have intentionally designed the new office building to not take away from the splendor of the historic site, setting it back and choosing a height lower than the church.

The developers also said that they felt as though the Strip District’s trend in housing growth warranted a new type of building.

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