Wrongful Death: Handling Toxic Chemicals

A chemical spill in September 2003 was to blame for a Pennsylvania worker's toxic encephalopathy according to a lawsuit filed by his wife. The dangerous materials lawsuit was filed against the manufacturers of the harmful chemicals spilled in the incident, not the company for whom her husband had been working for at the time of his exposure. But, she pursued a second lawsuit against the company this time, claiming not only that her husband's degenerative neurological disorder was caused by the hazardous chemicals released in the spill, but also that the company held back information about the dangerous nature of the substances. Information that, the lawsuit said, could have helped doctor's slow her husband's brain damage.

This is not the first lawsuit related to a family member allegedly harmed by an exposure to hazardous chemicals at the company's plant. In a lawsuit filed by the son of a man who died at age 56 of bladder cancer, exposure to the chemical solvent trichloroethylene was blamed for the condition. That suit also named the manufacturers of the chemical as the defendants but not the company for which the man had worked when he was exposed to the substance.

An attorney representing the plaintiffs in both of the cases, felt that more lawsuits could be filed soon. He said that other claims of exposure to chemicals at the company are being investigated. The wife of the worker suffering from toxic encephalopathy said that her medical and legal bills totaled about $600,000, but she was pursuing the legal action to find justice for her family and for all workers who may have been injured by chemical exposures.

Industrial accidents can lead to workplace injury or even wrongful death. A Pennsylvania attorney may be able to assist in litigation following both nonfatal and fatal workplace accidents.

Source: Lancaster Online, "Lawsuit claims chemical spill at Armstrong caused worker's neurological disorder", Gil Smart, October 13, 2013

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