Taking safety precautions can prevent falls from scaffolds

People are most alert when they are engaging in an activity that is unfamiliar. Sometimes it means driving in a city in which you are a tourist and other times it is when you are starting a new job. However, inevitably, people start to become comfortable and are less alert and observant. Usually, this is not a problem because people are confronted by the same scenarios most days. However, this lapse in safety and alertness is how injuries result on construction sites.

Scaffolds are indispensable items commonly found on construction sites. But scaffolding accidents result in an estimated total of 4,500 injuries and 50 fatalities every year. Any vertical building job utilizes scaffolding and by following these safety tips you can avoid being injured:

  • Erect scaffolds on solid ground with stable objects.
  • Frequently inspect the scaffold to ensure its stability.
  • All scaffolds should include guardrails and other safety rails.
  • Finally, instruct employees on proper fall safety.

Furthermore, consistently each year falling accounts for the largest number of construction site fatalities. Falls can result from any number of reasons including unstable surfaces, failure to use safety equipment and human error. The sad fact is that many of these fatalities can be avoided if you use harnesses and other safety devices to arrest your fall.

If you have been injured while working on a construction site, you may wish to contact a workers' compensation attorney. The attorney could help you work toward getting the benefits to which you may be entitled. There are tools out there to make sure that you are not crushed by medical bills or fall into debt because you cannot work. Speaking to an attorney can help you access these tools.

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