Temporary disability payments for workers' compensation

If you have suffered an injury at work, or even while carrying out work-related activities, there is a chance that you might be entitled to workers' compensation. This will depend on the precise nature of your injury, how much it has affected you and the circumstances in which it occurred. However, workers' compensation benefits countless people in Pennsylvania each year, so it is worth looking into.

Even if you do not need to take time off work, you may be able to secure help with covering medical expenses. It is important to double-check whether your employer has a designated company doctor before you seek treatment elsewhere as certain plans require you to see a specific medical professional. Even then, this generally only applies for up to 30 days, after which time you can seek a doctor of your choice.

As this article on workplace injuries explains, the amount awarded to an injured worker in the form of temporary disability payments is generally equivalent to about two-thirds of the employee's average pay. Usually, this payment is made every other week during the time spent away from work. In the case of a permanent disability, the amount awarded is often much higher as it can encompass future loss of earnings.

Of course, every case is different, so it is impossible to guess what you will be awarded for your injury. However, an attorney may be able to help you ensure that you get the best settlement possible and receive the level of compensation and support that you deserve. With this to relieve the financial burden of your injuries, you can then focus on your recovery and prepare for your eventual return to work.

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