The Heroes Support Network: Operation Santa Military Family Carnival

HSN.jpgDugan & Associates is proud to be a sponsor of the Heroes Support Network's Operation Santa Military Family Carnival.

Did you know that over 1,500 local Pittsburgh men and women will be deployed during the holidays? Even though Pittsburgh has no active duty base, we have one of the largest military and veteran presence in the country. In addition to military members and veterans being longtime neighbors in our communities, the active military presence in our region makes Pittsburgh a hub for government and business activity. Many area businesses work with the government, and military activity drives the local economy through customers and opportunities.

Because of the demanding nature of military service, military families are often faced with unique challenges. The deployment of a spouse or family member often means that a family not only has to face the absence of a loved one for long periods of time--often over holidays like Christmas--and those families also have one less person to help around the house or to pitch in to help if there's an emergency. Things we take for granted, like knowing what to do if a water heater breaks, can become extremely challenging if a spouse is deployed.

Dugan & Associates recognizes and is incredibly grateful for the ongoing sacrifices that military men, women, and their families make to support our local communities and to serve our nation as a whole. In light of these sacrifices, we want to encourage people to give back to those who have given us so much through their military service.

In 2016, the Heroes Support Network and affiliated organizations hosted more than 600 active duty and reserve service members and their families from every branch for service at the Operation Santa Carnival. More than 200 volunteers participated in purchasing gifts and run carnival games. Each year, the military attendance doubles. In support of our local heroes, local police department families were invited to the carnival this year. In addition to the carnival, volunteers and donors provide holiday gifts and gift cards for food and supplies for military families in need.

Donations are greatly appreciated and are utilized for rentals, prizes, food, entertainers, gifts, Santa photos, and providing Christmas for those military families in need. To donate to the Operation Santa Military Family Carnival, or to the Heroes Support Network, click here. 

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