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If you suffered a work injury you may need a lawyer. Most people think that if they get hurt at work and seek medical attention it's pretty cut and dry and they and the doctors will get paid. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, it's not that simple. If it were than attorneys wouldn't be doing it and you wouldn't need one. Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business to make money not lose it so if they can get out of paying for something or pay as little as possible then they will try. Get a lawyer, get Dugan & associates and don't let them get away with it.

Even if you suffered a work injury and are getting paid you still should probably consult with an experienced work injury attorney. The law is now like medicine and lawyers specialize or focus on one area or another. Make sure you consult with experienced workers' compensation attorneys such as those at the work injury law firm of Dugan & Associates. That's why we say we fight for the check you deserve because we know the rules and laws that the workers' compensation insurance companies try to get around to get out of paying. Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Dugan & Associates now 1-888-99-D-U-G-A-N (1-888-993-8426) or contact us here.

If you suffer a work injury you need an experienced work injury lawyer (personal injury) on your side. We're here to help. Don't let them add insult to injury. If you were denied benefits you will need Dugan & Associates personal injury experience on your side. If you are getting paid workmens compensation you want to make sure that you are getting paid the correct amount, that your bills are being paid and that you are protected in the future. You need an experienced work injury workers' compensation lawyer on your side. Dugan & Associates has been practicing injury law, work injury law, worker's compensation law since the offices inception. Attorney Dugan has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5% of lawyers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Superlawyers. He has the highest ethical and legal ability rating by independent groups such as Martindale Hubbell. His attorney's all have been practicing and focusing on work injury law, workers' compensation law, and injuries involving work or work related accidents and injuries for over 25 years- each! You may need a lawyer, call Dugan today.

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