Traumatic brain injury and workers' compensation

Pennsylvania workers should be aware that a traumatic brain injury in the workplace is a danger no matter where they work. Falls are increasingly responsible for fatalities resulting from brain injuries and are on their way to overtaking automobile accidents as the major cause.

Workplace Accidents do not just happen at hazardous work sites. They can also occur in an office. An individual can slip and hit their head on a desk or on the floor.

However, there are fields in which traumatic brain injuries are more common. These fields include construction, transportation and agriculture. Workers in forestry, fishing and emergency medical services are also at risk.

Individuals can take steps to help ensure their safety. Not driving while tired or distracted and wearing the right equipment for the job are both important. However, employers have a role and a responsibility as well. Employers should provide safety checks in order to ensure a safe work environment.

An individual who is injured on the job may wish to work with an attorney. For example, an office worker might enter a building on a rainy day. The floor in the entryway might be wet from the rain, and the employee might slip on it and sustain a traumatic brain injury.

In such a case, the individual might be eligible for workers' compensation. An attorney might be able to recommend the best course of action as well as assisting with the complexity of filing the workers compensation claim. For example, the attorney can work with the injured worker to decide whether filing other claims on top of the workers' compensation claim is worthwhile.

Source:, "Workplace Accident", November 03, 2014

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