Tree trimmer dies in workplace accident

According to a local news outlet, a tree trimmer was killed after falling from a bucket truck near Greensburg Pike, on Hawthorne Drive, in Versailles. The trimmer was employed by a tree service. The workplace accident will be investigated by local police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

When a fatal workplace accident occurs, OSHA's role is to determine whether or not unsafe workplace conditions caused or contributed to the incident. If an employer violated any safety codes, it may be subject to fines and other penalties. Regardless of whether or not an employer was at fault for a workplace fatality, the dependents of the worker who was killed may be entitled to workers' compensation.

In connection with a fatal accident, the spouse and children of a worker may be entitled to compensation for medical and funeral expenses plus the estimated wages that he or she would have earned over the remainder of his or her lifetime. A lawyer with a background in workers' compensation cases can explain the differences between workers' compensation and personal injury cases. For example, an individual who accepts a workers' compensation settlement is prohibited from filing a personal injury claim for the same incident. In addition, a lawyer can evaluate a case to determine what would constitute a fair settlement amount.

In most cases, the lawyer can negotiate with the employers' insurer to obtain a fair settlement. However, it may become necessary to take a case to trial. For instance, if the employer refuses to pay the amount the plaintiff requested, the case could require litigation. If the judge is persuaded that the plaintiff's suit is justified, then he or she may decide in favor of the plaintiff.

Source: WTAE, "Tree trimmer dies in fall from bucket truck in North Versailles," 17 February 2015

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