Tree trimmer dies while working at cemetery

A worker in Pennsylvania was killed in a tree trimming accident on Nov. 12. The accident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. while the 54-year-old man was trimming branches at a cemetery in Zelienople. Police say the man was working in a bucket truck when it somehow came down and fatally injured him. Like most fatal Workplace Accidents, a report about the incident was sent to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Emergency dispatchers for Butler County 911 were unsure about the details of the accident. Dispatchers did confirm that the accident took place on South Oliver Avenue, and the man was unconscious when emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene. Workers at the scene reported that the man was in the bucket before they noticed that he was on the ground. Although the other workers believed that the man was working on a piece of equipment, they eventually checked on him and realized that he had been injured. The fatal incident is still under investigation.

Before his death, the victim had been working for a Wexford company called American Tree Service. He was part of a crew of four men. The deceased man's coworkers told a local news station that the man was a hard worker and a good man. He had reportedly worked for the company for quite some time.

Surviving family members of someone who died in a similar fashion may be able to claim some compensation for their loss. A worker's compensation attorney can assist the family with the process of filing a workers' compensation claim for death benefits. In some cases, an attorney can also help family members to pursue additional compensation through third-party claims.

Source:, "Man, 54, dies in bucket truck accident; Investigation underway", November 12, 2014

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