Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Have you or someone you know suffered a work injury? What are the types of Workers' Compensation Benefits? Most people are vaguely aware that if they get hurt on the job their employer or their employer's workers' compensation insurance company may be responsible for something but aren't exactly sure what that is. Continuing reading to find out.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation laws in Pennsylvania there are several types of benefits that may be available to an employee hurt at work or who has a work place accident resulting in injury or illness.

Lost wages. Generally if you are hurt on the job and suffer a work injury and are unable to perform the job that you were performing or are making less money as a result of your injury, disability resulting in a loss of earnings, you may be entitled total or partial disability workers compensation payments. Lost wage benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act is a percentage of your actual wages based upon calculations in the Act.

Medical Benefits. If you are hurt on the job and suffer a work injury or illness you are going to need medical treatment. You have medical bills. You may have hospital bills, x-ray or diagnostic studies, doctor visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation, prescription and medical supply expenses. These should be the responsibility of your employer's work injury insurance carrier.

Specific loss benefits. If you have an amputation of a hand or finger or other appendage or you have that body part and you have lost the use of it for all practical intents and purposes you are entitled to an enumerated amount of payments as listed in the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Also scars on your head face or neck that are permanent and unsightly due to your work injury may entitle you to money as well under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Laws.

Death benefits for survivors. Survivor dependents specifically listed in the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act may be entitled to monies for the death of their loved one who died as result of a work injury or illness.

However, Not Pain and Suffering. Under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act generally one cannot collect for pain and suffering against their employer's Workmens Compensation Insurance Carrier. If you got injured due to the negligence of a third party not your employer you may be entitled to pain and suffering against them.

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