Violations indicated in workplace accident at plant

Manufacturing plants, whether large- or small-scale, must take all safety precautions possible to prevent workplace accidents. It's in the best interests of Pennsylvania companies and workers to maintain these high standards of protection for legal and ethical reasons. More importantly, common sense dictates that long-term success relies in minimal Workplace Accidents, among other things.

Even with proper oversight and maintenance, accidents can still happen. When they do, it's important that the facts be carefully evaluated, and the circumstances scrutinized, so proper compensation for the victim is made available. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation will help sort out if any workplace violations contributed to the accident.

A nearby concrete manufacturing company is currently disputing up to eight citations rendered by OSHA as a result of a workplace accident that resulted in the death of an employee last summer. Reportedly, the company has been placed in the agency's "Severe Violator Enforcement Program." This action requires targeted follow-up review by OSHA of the company's compliance. The company denies the allegations that it violated safety standards in a willful or negligent manner.

Reports are the 39-year-old worker, a temporary hire with a long-term assignment at the plant, was crushed when a concrete mixer's discharge gate closed while he was attempting to dislodge it from a stuck position. Four citations are classified as willful, meaning the company knowingly disregarded the safety hazards associated with operation of the machinery. Four serious citations were filed indicating the manufacturer should have known a fatality or serious injury could result from those conditions.

Preventing a future accident and improving conditions to the highest level of safety possible is the goal of the agency. However, what can't be overlooked is the tragic loss of life. Exploring remedies for compensation to help with financial needs in the future is very important to this man's survivors. Regardless of the outcome of the citations, options to hold accountable any of the people or businesses proven to be responsible should be considered.

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