Well explosions in Pennsylvania injure 1, 1 worker missing

Residents of Western Pennsylvania are more than a little familiar with the gas and oil industry. There have been companies here working with Marcellus Shale for quite a while now. Along with knowing the companies are here and what there are doing, many can attest to the inherent dangers that go with the industry. Workers not only work in inclement weather, they operate machinery and perform tasks that can lead to Industrial Accidents.

A recent gas line explosion not far from Pittsburgh is the latest reminder of how dangerous working in the industry can be. On Feb. 11, two explosions rocked a well site in Dunkard County. One workers was injured and another is unaccounted for. The larger of the two fired extinguished itself, but the second fire is still burning.

Although local emergency responders have received training on how to handle such situations, they are not trained on how to fight the actual fire; first responders are to set up a perimeter and remove as many of the victims as possible without compromising their own safety. To fight the fire, specialized crews are brought in to create an action plan and execute it. The team that is currently fighting this fire is out of Houston, Texas.

There has been no word to when the fire will be extinguished. At this point crews are working to remove debris and other items that could be exacerbating the fire. The plan is to cap the gas lines.

Although all workers in the industry are aware of the risks, it is still a shock when workers are injured and killed. For those who have received injuries and the families of those who were killed; seeking compensation for injuries and losses is an option. An experienced legal professional can help anyone facing such a situation determine the best course of action to receive financial relief.

Source: WTAE, "One fire out, second still burning at Chevron natural gas well blast in Greene County" Ashlie Hardway and Matt Belanger, Feb. 13, 2014

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