Were you forced back to work too soon after an injury

Have you suffered a Work Injury and now you feel like you are being forced back to work too soon? What can you do? What are your options? Keep reading below for insight and/or Contact the experienced workers' compensation attorneys at Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People.

You suffered an injury. You've seen a doctor (or two) for treatment, have had all sorts of tests (MRI's?), have been taking various medications to relieve some of your symptoms (pain?) and have even been going to physical therapy. Now you receive a call or letter from your employer or workers' compensation insurance carrier telling you that you must report to work or you could lose your money. Keep in mind there are different forces and Pennsylvania workers' compensation laws at work here that can have a significant effect on whether you keep or lose your checks or even possibly lose your job.

Your employer can offer you work within their (or the insurance companies) doctors recommendations. They may not have to go by what your doctor is recommending.

The workers' compensation insurance company can have you evaluated by a doctor of their choosing (generally every 6 months) who may feel you can do more than you and your doctor feel you can do.

If your employer is offering you modified work in accommodations with your doctor's restrictions and you don't return to work you could lose your work comp checks, and you could lose your job and not get unemployment either.

If your employer is offering you modified work within the workmens compensation doctors restrictions, which is more than what your doctor says you can do, and you don't return to work a Workers' Compensation Judge could stop your checks for failure to return to work in good faith.

Generally, after you suffer a work injury your employer can choose to offer you work within a doctors restrictions. The law requires that both the employer and employee make a good faith effort in an attempt to return to the work force. Your failure to do so could jeopardize your benefits.

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