What accommodations are made for people with disabilities?

One of the most critical reforms of the last generation is the Americans with Disabilities Act. The law requires businesses and other public venues to make basic accommodations for people who have disabilities. Making restrooms wheelchair accessible or maintaining accessible parking spots are a couple examples of what might be done to comply with the law. Recently, however, a Pennsylvania raceway was accused of failing to make accommodations for patrons with physical disabilities.

According to a recently filed suit, the Pocono Raceway isn't in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. One racing fan, who requires a wheelchair, noted that the facility doesn't have proper seating arrangements, handrails or parking for guests with certain limitations.

In addition to the protections provided by the ADA, federal law also includes provisions for Social Security Disability insurance benefits. Workers who are rendered unable to work by an injury or illness may be able to apply for and receive the support necessary to cover basic expenses. Beyond meeting income requirements, a person must also have paid into the Social Security system to be eligible for SSDI.

Individuals who are looking for answers about disability benefits may wish to speak to an attorney to determine what options they have.

For a number of people, making simple accommodations for those living with a disability may seem like an obvious thing to do. However, ensuring that legal protections are enforced can make a world of difference to those impacted by a disability. Ultimately, the hope is that public facilities throughout Pennsylvania will do what is necessary to comply with the law.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, "Pa. Raceway Not Disability Friendly: Lawsuit," Aug. 1, 2013

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