What Are The Most Common Workplace Injuries?

No matter what your profession may be, we understand you never would have anticipated being injured on the job. Even people who work in seemingly risky occupations, such as construction or manufacturing, count on their employers to have safety measures in place to protect them. Unfortunately, all of the protective precautions in the world can't stop workplace accidents from occurring. If you've been injured at work, consult an experienced Pittsburgh work-related injuries attorney to understand your options for securing the maximum workers' compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

At Dugan & Associates, P.C., our Pittsburgh work-related injuries attorneys focus on alleviating the stress and difficulty of your situation, allowing you to move forward with your life. During your free initial consultation with one of our Western Pennsylvania workplace accident attorneys, you will learn about the workers' compensation process and how it may apply to your specific claim. We are experienced lawyers fighting for injured people. We can help you get what you deserve.

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Common Workplace Injuries In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

While the causes of a workplace injury may vary greatly, the Pittsburgh work-related injuries attorneys at our law firm often see the same kinds of injuries over and over again. These common injuries can be as simple as a broken arm or as serious as a fatality. We strive to protect the best interests of our workers' compensation clients suffering from common injuries, such as:

Fractures: Fractures to various parts of your body, including your arms, hands, ankles, or legs, can leave you temporarily unable to work and in need of immediate medical care.

Knee injuries: Knee injuries, including cartilage, meniscus or ligament tears, sprains, and tendinitis, are common types of work-related injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury in your arms and hands, primarily impacting wrist function. It is generally caused by repetitive use and is known as an occupational illness.

Head injuries: Closed head and traumatic brain injuries can be quite serious. Symptoms can include memory loss, seizures, severe headaches, slurred speech, and dizziness. Head and brain injuries are often permanently disabling, making it impossible for an injured worker to return to his or her former occupation.

Neck and back, and shoulder injuries: Neck, back, and shoulder injuries, including spinal cord injuries, can arise from a number of circumstances on the job, such as lifting, falling, or cumulative trauma. These injuries are most often treated with physical therapy, injections, and pain medications, which cause medical expenses to accumulate quickly. In some serious cases, spinal cord injuries can require surgery or leave a worker facing lasting paralysis.

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