Car Accident Injury Timeline

What to do after you are involved in a Car Accident. Accidents happen and you may not be thinking clearly after you are in a car crash. You may even be injured. Knowing what to do in case of an accident is important. Adrenaline may be flowing, injuries and commotion can be disorientating. While every accident is unique the steps one should take after a motor vehicle accident are similar.

The first steps you take are crucial. Are you injured? Make sure you are not injured and if possible make sure no one else is injured also. Stay at the scene. If the police haven't arrived call the police and provide them with all your contact and insurance information. The other party will do the same. Routinely the police will make out a police accident report especially if someone is injured.

Exchange contact information with the other driver. Talk to witnesses and get their contact information as well. Write down things while they are fresh in your mind. Write down everything you can remember about the accident.

Report the accident to the police. Report the accident to your insurance company.

Report the accident to your insurance company. They will do an investigation. It may take weeks and even months depending on the severity. You should receive compensation for your injuries and your financial loss. You may need a lawyer. Generally, people collect more for injury settlements when they have an injury lawyer then when they don't.

Keep records of all your medical treatment and costs. You may think the insurance carrier or even your lawyer should have obtained all the documentation but you never know what you may need and what you may be asked at a later time. The more you can document the better prepared you and your lawyer will be and possibly the more money your lawyer can get for you in a settlement.

How long it may take to settle your car accident case depends on the severity of your accident and the parties involved. Most cases settle without having to go to court. Litigation can be lengthy and stressful. However sometimes there is no other option based on the circumstances of your case. At Dugan & Associates we always work to get you as much money as the law allows.

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