What to know about work related injuries

Pennsylvania is one of the states in this country where employers are required to provide insurance for workers. This is a preventive measure in case workers are injured during their job. Employees then can file for a workers' compensation claim in case that they are injured. Once the claim has been filed, this may cover for the employee's lost wages, payment for medical bills and treatment and in some instances specific loss and death benefits.

Notify your superior and file an accident report. Giving notice to your supervisor or boss immediately following the injury or as soon as possible but no later than 120 days from the date of the injury is required. The mere reporting of an injury or filing and accident report is not a start to your payments but is required if you want to have a chance of getting paid.

Get medical treatment. In an emergency situation go the emergency room. If a non-emergency or after being seen at the hospital you have to treat with one of the posted list of panel physicians for the first 90 days of treatment. After 90 dyas of treatment you can treat with whomever you choose.

Getting paid for time off. If after 21 days following the work injury you still haven't been paid or expect to be paid file a claim for compensation benefits. Once you have reported the injury and have been off for more than 7 days you should hear from the workers' compensation insurance carrier but no later than 21 days following the injury. If after 21 days you haven't heard from the insurance carrier contact a lawyer.

For work related injuries in Pennsylvania, employees who have contacted injuries or illnesses in their line of work can receive workers' compensation and medical coverage.

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