When is a personal injury lawsuit appropriate?

If you had a work accident that resulted in injury and temporary or permanent disability, you may not be informed about personal injury lawsuits. Many injured employees think they have no recourse after an injury at work. This might be because Pennsylvania law doesn't allow employees to sue an employer for injuries sustained on the job. But there are other avenues for compensation after an industrial accident. Circumstances in which third-party liability, failure to warn or a careless property owner caused the injury, a lawsuit would be appropriate.

You may be currently pursuing workers' compensation or other benefits. These are important steps following an on-the-job injury. Also, note that remuneration will be limited to wages and medical expenses. Worker's comp will not take into consideration pain and suffering. Ongoing consequences such as depression or anxiety from an injury will not affect the calculation of benefits. A successful personal injury claim can augment benefits received after a workplace injury, or substitute in situations where workers comp has not yet been awarded.

Here are some situations where if an accident results, you may have basis for a personal injury lawsuit:

  • If you are injured from working with dangerous materials or poorly trained subcontractors
  • If manufacturing defects made equipment dangerous
  • Job-related motor vehicle accidents
  • If a vendor improperly packed materials
  • If employers fail to warn about dangerous materials or handling requirements

Pinpointing the source of the work accident is the first step toward deciding if a personal injury claim is appropriate. If you have been hurt or have recently lost a loved one due to a fatal work accident, then it is worthwhile for you to seek out an experienced attorney to review the circumstances of the injury or death and determine if you are eligible to place a personal injury claim.

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