Woman loses arm in industrial accident

Heavy machinery is used in many important processes in manufacturing in Pennsylvania and across the country. Despite its importance and frequent use, such equipment is not without risks. In fact, a woman in another state was recently injured in an industrial accident.

The incident happened just after 10 a.m. on a day in August. According to reports, rescue workers were called to the scene after a woman's arm became entangled in a piece of machinery. Unfortunately, her lower arm was amputated in the incident.

While workers worked to control her bleeding, others "locked and tagged out" the machine, allowing the severed portion of the arm to be retrieved. She was transported to the hospital along with the arm in hopes that it could be reattached. The incident happened at Howard Precision, a company that manufactures piping, tubes and fittings used in settings where sanitation is a priority, such as in the biotechnical field.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the industrial accident to determine whether health or safety standards were violated leading up to the incident. In the meantime, the injured worker likely faces a lengthy recovery. Unfortunately, she may never be able to return to her job in the same capacity. If states -- including Pennsylvania -- did not require that employers provide workers' compensation insurance coverage, the woman could also be facing a precarious financial situation as a result of lost wages and medical expenses. However, with the help of an attorney experienced in such cases, the woman may receive a fair settlement that will help her with many of the expenses stemming from her injuries.

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