Work Injury some terms and rules to know

Suffer a Work Injury? You'd think if you got hurt at work your employer and their insurance company would want you to get treated as quickly as possible so you can get better and can come back to work. They'd pay for your time off and pay for your medical treatment. Some times it happens that way and some times it doesn't. And if they do pay you they are always checking on how you are doing in hopes the workers' compensation insurance carrier can cut their losses and get you off workers compensation. Whether you suffered a work related injury and aren't getting paid or you suffered a work injury and are getting paid here are some basic terms and rules to know.

Call a lawyer. One that focuses on workers' compensation cases and has the team of staff and attorneys and knows the law and system like Mitch Dugan and Dugan & Associates. Everyone says it but honestly study after study shows people do better, lump sum settlements, maintaining benefits etc... when they have a lawyer compared to those who don't.

120 days. You have up to 120 days from the date of your injury to report it to someone in a supervisory capacity or be barred from getting benefits under the statute of limitations. What is timely and proper notice is can be in dispute within these work injury cases.

90 days. You have 90 days from the first date of treatment that you must treat with the posted list of panel physicians. There are other technical requirements that apply however and make sure you have someone that can advise you appropriately whether you have to treat with their doctors or not.

3 years. You have up to 3 years from the date of your injury to file a claim for workers compensation benefits of be barred. Obviously we don't recommend waiting. The sooner the better to get you money, benefits and treatment to get you better.

Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable, Notice of Denial, Notice Stopping Temporary Compensation. If it says Temporary on it or Denial call a lawyer like Mitch Dugan and his team immediately. These are documents the work comp insurance carrier must file in certain situations and they mean something. Do not ignore any papers you receive.

Petitions to Terminate, Modify or Suspend. The insurance carrier is looking to stop or reduce what they have to pay for wage loss or medical benefits. This means they are taking you to court. If you haven't called a lawyer do so immediately.

Interlocutory-means 'temporary'.

Supersedeas-means 'stop'.

IME-Independent Medical Exam. The insurance company is sending you to one of their doctors who is paid by them in hopes that the doctor will say something that the work comp carrier can use to reduce their liability.

IRE-Impairment Rating Evaluation. An exam by a doctor certified to rate your impairment under the AMA Guides To Impairments. The comp carrier wants to limit what they pay you.

If you get hurt at work and have a work injury you need a lawyer. At Dugan & Associates there is no fee unless we get you the money or benefits you deserve. Call us now at 1-888-99-D-U-G-A-N or 1888-993-8426.

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