Work Injury - Workers Compensation; Tips to do after you're injured

Work injury? What steps do you need to take after you're injured at work. Workers' Compensation tips:

Tell your supervisor or manager and report your injury immediately after it happens. If no one is available call and leave a message and then follow up the next day. If you are hurt at work you must report your work injury to your supervisor and tell them how your work injury happened and what part of your body was injured in the work accident.

Be specific. When you report your work injury you must let someone in a supervisory capacity know how you were injured and what body part or parts were hurt in the work accident. Even if you don't feel it's severe sometimes small aches and pains can turn into big ones or hide underlying bigger problems.

Ask to  fill out an incident report or work accident report form. Be sure to request a copy for yourself even if your employer fills it out for you. The law requires that you give timely and proper notice of your work injury.

You only have up to 120 days under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act from the date you were hurt at work to report your work injury.

If you are hurt at work you need to seek medical attention immediately or as quickly as possible. Generally under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation laws your employer is allowed to have a list of designated medical providers for which you must treat for your work injury for the first 90 days of treatment however they must provide written acknowledgement to you of this list before and at the time of your injury.

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