Worker killed in industrial accident while cleaning equipment

Pittsburgh workers are no strangers to accidents, and unfortunately, other parts of the country are aware of the risks as well. Although workers understand that care needs to be used when working with and around machinery, accidents can still occur. Sadly, sometimes the results are tragic.

A 35-year-old man was killed in an industrial accident at a plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The man became entangled in a shellfish shucking machine while he was cleaning it. It took rescuers over an hour to free the man from the machine after it was partially dismantled. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called to the scene to investigate. OSHA has inspected the business previously. In 2011, the business had several violations, for which they were fined. The company paid the fines and corrected the violations, and during an inspection in 2012 were found to be in complete compliance.

The investigation will include interviewing workers and any witnesses to the accident. Policy and procedures will also be reviewed and the machinery will be to checked to see if any safety violations are present. The investigation is expected to take several weeks.

For the family of the man who was killed, seeking compensation for the loss of their family member is an option. It will not bring the family member back, financial relief can help the family pick up the pieces and move forward. Anyone who has suffered a tragic loss of a loved one or a serious injury while on the job may want to consider seeking guidance from a legal professional. This person can help a victim or his or her family decide if seeking damages is the best course of action for the situation.

Source:  The Boston Globe, "Man dies in shucking machine accident in New Bedford" Maria Sacchetti and Catalina Gaitan, Jan. 17, 2014

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