Worker killed in steel mill explosion

Workers employed in certain industries are aware that there is an element of danger in their jobs. Workplace injuries are something that all workers try to avoid, but sometimes things happen, and there isn't anything a worker can do to avoid an accident.

When Industrial Accidents occur, workers can be severely injured or even killed. Residents in the Steel City have experienced their fair share of accidents, so many can sympathize with the situation a family in Michigan is facing after an accident at a steel mill resulted in the death of a mill worker.

An explosion at a steel mill in Michigan killed a 32-year-old man. Two others were injured in the accident that happened on Dec. 15. The man, who had been employed by the mill for two years, was killed when a ladle toppled over. The two employees that were injured suffered minor injuries.

Production at the plant was halted, and the entire plant was closed while the accident was being investigated. It was not reported who was the primary investigator, but in cases such as this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is often called in to perform an independent investigation. OSHA determines what caused the accident and whether or not the workplace could have avoided the accident. Companies that are found to be culpable can face stiff fines and penalties.

These companies can also face financial consequences from legal actions filed by injured workers and the family of workers who are killed. Seeking compensation for damages such as medical and final expenses and lost wages is within the rights of anyone who is a victim of a workplace accident they did not cause. Anyone who might be considering this route could speak to a legal professional experienced in handling these types of cases.

Source: Pittsburgh Business Times, "1 killed in U.S. Steel Great Lakes Works accident" Paul J. Gough, Dec. 16, 2013

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