Workers' compensation for eye injuries rising says OSHA

According to a recent OSHA survey, workers' compensation claims where employees are fully or partially losing their eyesight is on the rise. Of course all of our senses are important, but most people would agree that losing one's eyesight might be the difficult injury with which to deal. It is important that people should take steps to protect their eyesight. This is especially true for those who have occupations where their eye safety is at risk. Although anyone can suffer an eye injury, some groups of workers that may be more prone to it include welders, health care workers, laboratory staff, custodial workers, and people who handle animals.

While the majority of injuries to eyes have to do with small objects abrading or striking the eye, there are other types of injuries that could occur such as burns-both thermal as well as UV radiation. Sometimes the injuries are in the form of an infectious disease ranging in seriousness from conjunctivitis to avian influenza or HIV.

In both the cases of injury as well as illness, protective eyewear can help to keep the eyes of workers safe. Whether it is a full face respirator, safety glasses, face shield or goggles, they all provide a protective layer between the eye and the objects or substances that could pose a problem.

It's easy to see how injuries to the eyes could make it difficult for a person to work. While recovering, living expenses and medical bills could accumulate. When an injury or illness occurs or is the result of working, workers' compensation benefits could be available. The amount and length of period for which someone who is successful will have them depends on the severity of the injury. Those who have issues securing those benefits could seek the assistance of a lawyer. If you have questions to about eye injuries and workers' compensation claims, please call the Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys at Dugan & Associates today at 412-922-0800.

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