Workers' compensation claims rise in the spring

After winter, when spring comes around, many people in Pennsylvania decide to begin their spring cleaning, including businesses. While this leaves many people feeling renewed and ready to undertake new things, it could have another benefit as well. It may make the workplace a safer place to be and reduce workers' compensation claims.

Taking the time to clean off surfaces could help to eliminate the bacteria that could cause digestive illnesses. Though a surface may look clean, a study from 2014 indicates that more than five hundred different types of bacteria may be present in offices.

Moving clutter could also have a positive impact. If there are a lot of things in the way it makes it more likely that someone will trip and fall. In addition, it could increase the risk of a fire occurring. Papers that are needed should be filed and others properly disposed of.

The equipment being used at a workplace is usually of little use if it is not working as intended. Depending on the equipment it might be hazardous to those in the office. If the equipment cannot be repaired or is not needed it should be disposed of properly. If it can be fixed and is needed, a repair should be scheduled.

Certain chemicals used in the workplace could be harmful to employees as well. Chemicals that are not properly handled could result in contact injuries. The inhalation of toxic fumes could also be harmful. In addition, some are flammable.

When a worker is hurt or becomes ill as a result of an incident in the workplace, that person could find that he or she is unable to work for a time. To help cover expenses workers' compensation benefits may be sought. If you have been injured at work, call the Pittsburgh workers' compensation lawyers at Dugan & Associates today at 412-922-0800 for a free consultation.

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