Workers' compensation conversation between workers and employers

With so many people presently employed in Pennsylvania's manufacturing workforce, it is vital that employers have a firm grasp on all the current workers' compensation laws for the benefit of the company and the employee. Prior to the 1900s when workers' compensation laws were non-existent, workers who were injured on the job had little to no recourse in getting a negligent employer to compensate them for their accident-related losses. They were forced to sue the employer get them to take responsibility for the injuries.

However, with the establishment of compulsory workers' compensation laws in most businesses throughout the U.S., a 'no-fault" system was created, making it easier for workers to collect compensation from negligent employers. By accepting a workers' compensation settlement, employees waive their rights to a civil lawsuit against the employer. The employer, in turn, guarantees that the injured worker receives timely and reasonable payments to cover his or her medical costs and a portion of the income that the employee lost during the recovery period.

In a few states where business owners are not required to carry workers' compensation, they face the risk of huge liabilities if an employee sues for damages caused by a workplace accident. Workers' compensation is basically, therefore, an insurance plan that protects both the employer and employee by providing compensation for the injured worker's medical and rehabilitation services and income losses. It also provides death benefits for families of workers who died because of a workplace injury.

Workers who suffer from work-related illnesses or injuries that resulted from aworkplace accident have a right to file for workers' compensation benefits. Because the claims process can be very complicated involving filing deadlines and legal procedures, many injured workers or families of workers who died due to a workplace injury or illness retain the services of a local workers' compensation attorney to assist them to receive the full benefits they deserve. If you have questions, call 888-99-DUGAN today for a free consultation.

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