Workers' compensation covers those in industrial job sector

Pittsburgh remains a very industrial town. The Rust Belt may be in decline, but manufacturing remains a robust part of the Pittsburgh economy, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. All of this rosy economic data are great, however, this also means that industrial and factory accidents will remain a part of Pittsburgh's future for the time being.

Luckily, gone are the days in which injured workers were left to fend for themselves or file a lawsuit with their employer in the court system. Pennsylvania maintains a robust workers' compensation system. All employers in Pennsylvania must maintain workers' compensation insurance, even if they have only one employee. You are covered, even if you are a seasonal or part-time employee. You are also covered if you work for the government, a nonprofit organization or for a private business. If your injuries are not covered because your employer failed to get insurance, then you can seek relief from the Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund

However, just because you were injured at work and are covered by workers' compensation does not mean that getting your recovery will be easy. There are hard deadlines and rules. If you miss any one of them, it could be grounds to deny your claim. Hiring an attorney that is experienced in managing workers' compensation claims is very helpful to shielding your rights. You have 120 days from the injury to notify your employer and three years to file a petition for injury. You may think 120 days to report an injury sounds like a lot of time, but the sooner you report, the safer your claim will be. This requirement only applies if your employer was unaware of your injury.

If you file a claim and it was denied, then it is imperative that you form a response immediately. An attorney may be able to review your case to figure out where you went wrong, and how to help you. A denied claim isn't the end of the process. Remember, wasting time could bar you from recovering at all. You were injured while at work, you deserve to have time to heal and to have your injuries covered. Speaking to an experienced employment law attorney may help you understand your rights.

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