Workers' compensation for construction accidents

Because of the presence of large, heavy machinery, scaffolding and unfinished multi-story buildings, accidents at Pennsylvania construction sites are rarely minor. The head trauma, broken bones, back or neck injuries or other severe effects of your construction site injury may have left you with serious concerns about your and your family's futures.

Construction companies are responsible for securing their sites and making them as safe as possible for the employees who work there and for ensuring injured employees receive the proper care and compensation for their injuries. However, your employer may have failed to provide training to you or to other employees, leading to your injuries. Poorly-maintained scaffolding may have collapsed, resulting in a fall. Your employer or its insurance company may question the validity of your claim or the extent of your injuries and deny your workers' compensation benefits claim in part or in whole.

We understand the difficulties you may have fighting a denial of benefits or other actions that may have been taken in regards to your workers' compensation claim. The attorneys at our firm have several decades of combined experience in handling even the most complex workers' compensation claims. Our clients include people who have suffered injuries in ladder or scaffolding falls, collapsing structures, defective equipment, fires and other accidents. We are committed to ensuring that you get the care you need and that you are fairly compensated for your lost wages and other expenses.

Even if your employer's insurance company denied your workers' compensation claim, we may be able to help you recover benefits. Our page on Construction Accidents has more information about the services we provide to people who were injured at work.

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