Workers' compensation for scarring

Can I be compensated for scars I obtained at the workplace? The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act provides that "for serious and permanent disfigurement of the head, neck or face, of such a character as to produce an unsightly appearance, and such as is not usually incident to the employment" is compensable.

The Workers' Compensation Judge has the discretion to decide how much in benefits to award based upon a personal observation of an injured worker's facial and/or neck scars.

The Judge must view the scars to determine whether the employee has met their burden of proof. The injured worker is not entitled to benefits for scars or disfigurement if the Judge decides the scars are not sufficient to produce an unsightly appearance.

The Workers' Compensation Appeal Board may modify the Workers' Compensation Judges award, either up or down, based upon their personal viewing of the disfigurement if an appeal of the judge's order is taken.

If you have scars on your head, face or neck you may be entitled to an award of money. If you have disfigurement as a result of a work injury you may be entitled to an award of benefits. Disfigurement to the eye, to the teeth, nose and/or jaw even without scarring can result in an award of benefits.

If you or a loved one has questions about trying to get money, or wants to get money for scars or disfigurement due to a work injury on your head, face or neck please contact Dugan & Associates, Lawyers representing injured people, at 888-99-DUGAN.

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