Workers' compensation for teachers

Now that school is back in session and the holidays are over, there is a huge emphasis on making sure the children are prepared for the cold months ahead. Talked about less, but no less important, is teacher safety and the safety of other types of school employees, such as custodians and grounds crew workers, who make up a significant number of workers' compensation claims filed each year in Pennsylvania. One of the most dangerous tasks performed on a daily basis at school by all types of school employees is the lifting of heavy objects. Though perhaps not the first duty that comes to mind when one thinks about what someone who works in a school might be charged with doing, it is something that pervades many different areas and types of jobs in a school setting. Lifting heavy objects is often required is several different types of settings, such as: special education, food service, custodial work, early childhood development, grounds work, maintenance, operations, and even auditorium work on and around a stage.

Back injuries are some of the most commonly experienced injuries in connection with lifting that could occur in a workplace setting. To prevent a workplace injury such as this from occurring there are numerous things that can be done. The first is to not lift anything heavier than 35 - 51 pounds. When something is heavier than that a piece of equipment should be used to move the object. Another thing that if followed could result in fewer back injuries is the avoidance of repeatedly moving an object and having enough rest periods.

Of course training is the key to all of this. If proper training is provided, it may reduce the number of employees a school finds are seeking workers' compensation benefits. If you have questions about workers' compensation, call the Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers at Dugan & Associates today for free consultation at 412-922-0800.

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