Workers' compensation for women in the workplace

Are women at risk for Workplace injuries? Not surprisingly women face different challenges from those men may experience. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says social, economic, and cultural factors also put women at risk for injury and illness.

Women have more work-related cases of:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendonitis,
  • Respiratory Disease,
  • Infectious and Parasitic Disease,
  • Anxiety and Stress Disorders.

The CDC notes "Like all workers in insecure jobs, women may fear that bringing up a safety issue could result in job loss or more difficult work situations. They may also be less likely to report a work related injury." Immigrant women are a particularly at-risk group. Contingent workers tend to have lower income and fewer benefits than those in traditional job arrangements.

Balancing work and family duties is a cause of stress, particularly with women who have primary custody or responsibility for child and elder care. The stress from family and work demands can lead to lack of sleep, pressure, fatigue which leaves one susceptible to work accidents, work injuries, stress, infection, and mental health problems.

It is possible that someone in Western Pennsylvania can collect workers compensation benefits for such work related injuries arising out of the above conditions and/or circumstances. With Workplace injuries one should always consult an attorney.

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