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Getting paid Workers' Compensation. It seems simple. You get hurt at work, see a doctor who says you can't do the job you were doing for now, you should get paid. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. Here are some basic information you need to know if you get hurt and have a Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation injury.

You must report your injury to someone in a supervisory capacity. You must report your injury. You must tell someone in a management type position how you got hurt and what part of your body you injured. And you must report it within 120 days of the injury.

You have to treat. You need medical evidence to support what type of injury you had, disc herniation, torn ligament, meniscal tear, rotator cuff tear, sprain etc... And you need medical evidence to support you that the problems you are experiencing are due to the work injury and are restricting your work capabilities.

If your company has a posted list of Panel Providers and has met all the other requirements under the law you must treat with one of the posted list of panel providers for 90 days from the date you first start treatment.

Workers' Compensation payments is a percentage of the wages you were earning based on a calculation under the workers compensation act. If you make below a certain amount you can get 90% of your wages. Above a certain amount you may get 66 2/3% of your wages. And if you made higher amount you get the statewide maximum compensation rate for the year you were injured.

There are all types of injuries that are included in work related injuries. Concussion, head, neck, back shoulders, knees, ankles, hands. The list of body parts and conditions that can fall under the Workmans Compensation Laws is very broad.

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