Workers Compensation: Should I Accept A Lump Sum Settlement?

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Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlements

Should I Accept A Lump Sum Settlement?

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you may be considering a lump sum settlement, have been offered a lump sum settlement. Now you may be wondering: Is a lump sum payment my best option? What if my injury flares up again in the future? What if workers' compensation is short-changing me?

If you have questions about workers' compensation law and lump-sum settlements, Dugan & Associates can help. Contact our Pittsburgh attorneys to schedule a free consultation. A lump sum settlement may or may not be your best option. We can help you decide.

Lump-Sum Settlements - Important Information

At Dugan & Associates, we know the difficulties of dealing with a work-related injury. Piles of paperwork. Frequent medical appointments. Waiting on the phone for hours. When all is said and done, a lump sum settlement may seem like the best option to return to a seemingly normal life.

But before you accept a lump sum settlement, it is important to know the facts. Our lawyers can help you decide if a lump sum settlement is your best option. If not, we can assist you in a settlement negotiation to determine a more accurate amount.

Some important questions that need to be asked before a lump sum is accepted are:

  • Will the ongoing medical treatment be necessary?
  • Is the injured person eligible for Medicare?
  • Does the injured person have additional sources of income?

Our lawyers can help you navigate the complicated workers' compensation system, and help you come up with an option that best meets your needs.

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