Workmen's compensation basics

What is Workers' Compensation? Workers' Compensation can be awarded if you sustain an on the job injury or work related illness. Under the law you are to be compensated for wage loss benefits and payment of medical bills until you are able to return to work. In certain instances there are survivors benefits for work related deaths and specific loss benefits for amputations, loss of use for all practical intents and purposes, and scar claims.

Who is covered?  All employees. Generally individuals who are considered employees. An employee is generally one who's employer controls the work and manner of performance of the work. 

What is covered? Injuries or illness or disease occurring in the course and scope of your employment as a result of your employment. Injuries occurring on the job while working or a result of your job and/or duties. 

When are you covered? Coverage begins the date of hire. Sometimes even before you start working, such as an injury as a result of the employers premises on your way to clock in. Again coverage includes lost wage benefits and payment of reasonable and necessary medical bills.

Who pays for coverage? In Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act provides that employers are legally bound to provide compensation benefits coverage for all employees, including part time workers, seasonal and full time employees. Non-profit corporations, unincorporated businesses, and employers with at least one employee must comply with the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Some employees are covered by law under other state or federal laws. Federal workers, such as mailmen, railroad workers and longshoreman are covered by other state and federal laws. If you are not sure speak to your employer or call an attorney who handles workers' compensation injuries and work injury law.

What are the first steps to collect the money or benefits I deserve? The first step one should take to make sure that they can collect workers' compensation benefits is that your injury, work related disease or illness must be reported to someone in a supervisory capacity with your employer. You must do so within 120 days of your injury or within 120 days you knew or had reason to know your injury/condition was work related. You must notify your employer how you were injured, and the body part or illness you are claiming is part of your work injury.

There are many questions that surround work related injuries in Pennsylvania. As always we can only cover only so much material on this blog and try to address the most frequently asked questions. For questions or concerns you may have please feel free to contact us and check for upcoming articles to come and call us today at 888-99-DUGAN.

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