Workplace accidents: Man killed after jump from runaway truck

For many people in Pennsylvania, a workplace is the office or building that they report to every day. For others, however, a workplace is less static -- it is wherever a service must be provided. Because of the changing nature of a job site, workers who have this type of job face unique risks that could lead to Workplace Accidents as they move from site to site. Unfortunately, one man in another state recently lost his life in an work-related accident.

Reports indicate that the 36-year-old victim was an employee of a tree removal company. One of the company's trucks was reportedly parked on a steep hill as employees loaded branches into the back of it. For reasons that remain unclear, the truck's gear is believed to have slipped into drive, causing the vehicle to roll down the hill.

Unfortunately, the victim was on the back of the truck. When it began picking up speed, he reportedly jumped, resulting in fatal injuries. He was transported to the hospital but passed away several hours after the incident. The truck eventually came to a stop after striking a fire hydrant and parked vehicles.

An investigation is underway to help authorities better understand the cause of the accident. In the meantime, the family members of the deceased worker may be struggling with his loss. Funeral costs, medical expenses and lost wages can often become overwhelming in time of grief. Fortunately, they may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits that can provide for many of the expenses associated with the accident. An attorney with experience with the process can help victims of workplace accidents  in Pennsylvania understand the process and help them seek the benefits they deserve.

Source:, "Tree service worker dies in truck accident in Bell Canyon", Christian Martinez and John Scheibe, March 6, 2017

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