Workplace accidents: Pennsylvania fatality investigated

Even jobs that appear to have relatively few hazards can ultimately turn dangerous. Unfortunately, Workplace Accidents can result in significant financial harm to workers and their family members. The family of a recently deceased man in Pennsylvania is likely still struggling to come to terms with the news of his death.

The incident that led to his death happened at approximately 7:30 a.m. on a day in April. The 20-year-old male victim had only been working at Strong Industries Pool and Spas for approximately a month when the accident happened. Reports indicate that he somehow became crushed under a mold weighing 1,200 pounds.

The owner claims that those present made every effort to save him. He has expressed his confusion regarding the cause of the accident, claiming that all equipment appears to have been properly functioning at the time. He speculates that the victim may have leaned into the mold as it was being lowered because he dropped something, potentially a cellphone. The release of the man's identity has been delayed to give his family members ample time to notify other relatives. An autopsy is set to be completed.

Unfortunately, surviving family members struggle both emotionally and financially following workplace accidents such as this. Between loss of wages and funeral expenses, family members can quickly become overwhelmed. Pennsylvania requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits to employees. Although these benefits can extend to certain surviving family members, some feel unprepared for the compensation process, prompting them to seek help from experienced professionals.

Source:, "UPDATE: Fatal industrial accident victim had worked for a month", Rick Dandes, April 26, 2017

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