Workplace accidents: Postal worker's death under investigation

All occupations in Pennsylvania and across the country hold some degree of risk. A person who has a job that would normally be considered relatively safe from workplace accidents during the majority of the year could face additional risks during the summer when temperatures soar. In fact, a recent incident in another state is under investigation after a postal worker was discovered deceased in her mail truck.

The incident happened on a day in July. On the day she was discovered, reports indicate that the temperature was 117 degrees. Unfortunately, mail trucks often are not air conditioned, and the temperatures inside can feel like an oven to some.

Some workers describe the ways in which they deal with the heat, including pouring water on their uniforms and bringing a cooler of bottled water. One worker claims that he has known several workers who have needed emergency medical care as a result of the heat. Doctors say that the first signs of heat exhaustion include severe cramps and confusion. Once these symptoms appear, it is imperative that the person goes to a safe space before heat stroke occurs.

The woman's cause of death was not immediately known, but family members appear to believe that the heat and lack of air conditioning were main causes. Unfortunately, workplace accidents in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country can often involve employees who become overheated in the summer, causing serious illness or even death. If it is determined that the woman's death was due to a work-related cause, her surviving family members could be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits.

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